About Me

Hi Hiii Hellloooo….

I am ani. Nice to meet you… Do you want coffee? Well, let’s have coffee and sharing stories.Yaaa, I am a coffee lover, as well as green tea lover. I made my homemade brewed coffee from fresh roasted beans. Wanna try? Taraaaaa, come to my cute kitchen and let’s enjoy…..


My homemade brewed coffee

To say simply, I love learning anything, art, science [especially natural and life sci.], culture [including healthy agriculture], history, people, language, geography, nature, countries, food… And my official work relates to nature, life science, young generations, actually… Well, those are just a few parts. In the other part, I dedicate myself for some volunteer works. Hehe, sometimes just feel crazy to manage my energy doing all I love, haha…IMG_8403However, bunch things in my life made me believe about the law of conservation of energy in general perspective. The energy we spread to the universe, will be reflected back to our life. In that way, I tried to remind myself [often paid extra effort] for being positive. Yaaa, you will see, my life is full of surprises….

And then in my personal life… I love singing, dancing, writing, sharing stories, enjoying movies [true-stories, musical, animation, wow… I love Japan Ghibli movies] and classical music as well as jazz, crocheting, home decorating, simple cooking [especially for vegies and fish], yep I love vegies and fish veryyyyyyy muuuucchhh, especially in plain taste, as fresh as they are.

Another thing is……

I wrote a true-story book about my daughter Marvella who has a very special condition, a Trisomy 18 baby [extra chromosome in chromosome number 18]. It was published in 2015 [still in Indonesian language now].Well, I’ll tell you some later..

Ayah Febri Simpt 20151128_213619_600x600

I enjoy traveling as well, visiting some places and you know, what I like the most while having a trip is encountering myself. That’s why I wrote this blog. It’s a part of sharing experiences when I meet myself during my life voyage.


Bon Voyage with me!!