I see you everywhere….


after 15 years passing by when a man who becomes my husband now said that he would like to invite me coming to one of beautiful islands in Indonesia: L o m b o k island. It is located next to Bali island [as everybody in the world knows Bali lol…;)]. Even i have already forgotten what he said. Not only because we never thought we could afford to go there but also too many things to do and to think of.

Well… however, suddenly… after my exchange students from Japan visited there, guided by my friend, Mo n fam, and they showed their extra happiness, both in words and eyes…seemed i was pulled out to the pool….:)

Well well well…..thanks God, as if he planned and prepared for anything, especially about time and heart to leave, to get a small escape from routine and to know, everything was alright when i came back home.

Three of us departed at Saturday evening Dec 3, but when we were there…apart from our nice tour guide, the three of us, our family, completed to be four again. Hmm…Sorry i couldn’t explain in words… but i see her everywhere… not only in the kids’ face, but in all the beauty of the earth as well. In the face of ocean, cloudy sky, high or calm tides, hills and valleys, just like my favorite song…can you paint with colors of the wind…..

So, I dedicated all those beautiful pictures here for someone i miss in the rest of life…. the little one who changed me totally. I know, I m not same person as before I knew her. Even now in every beauty i see the pain, vice versa. Don’t ask me why… it’s too complicated. Just enjoy those pictures, okay…..

those days were cloudy though, but stilllllll…. clouds couldn’t hide the nature’s beauty….

And if you wonder where the place is, that is Lombok island, not all parts, just few of them.

Special thanks for best family shots, heart-warming and guiding us there, Mo n fam.

  1. Southern beaches, Lombok : Selong Belanak, Mawun and Tanjung Aan

and also these….


or this cute pict…


2. Kenawa Island, Sumbawa

3. Sembalun Village, gate to Rinjani Mountain

4. Western beaches, Nipah and Malimbu [well, we chose the silent places. Senggigi, the most famous *its just too mainstream for us lol*, is just next to Nipah]