What a coincidence, what a beautiful encounter….


what a coincidence…

what a big surprise…

Our Marvella story was published in a Indonesian parental magazine [Majalah Ayah Bunda edisi no 19, 2016], on October 6, 2016.


How we spent precious 7 months 7 days with a precious heavenly baby Marvella…

How we started everything with minus, more than “knowing nothing“, then frustrated feeling, then fighting against stigma, then accepting the unspoken feeling… Omg… I really want to translate my book into English… crossing fingers having such energy to do so….

what a metamorphosis…

Well, its not perfect metamorphosis yet… but hopefully it comes to there..

And on Oct 11, at night [what a trully coincidence bcoz at that night, till Oct 13 I was in Bogor, only 2 hour away by train from Jakarta], I got an email from nova zakiya, a TV reporter in Jakarta. She said that she is interested in knowing about Trisomy 18 and Marvella, then… long short story, finally we decided a date on Oct 13, in a cafe in Grand Indonesia, just simply chatting about my experience with Marvella.

What a beautiful encounter….

Yup, you can guess…. I am really exciting whenever I get a chance to share about Marvella’s story. Not only about her, but how the kids with T18 in Indonesia are struggling, how T18 mommies are really the genuine researcher of their baby, how smart and great persons they are… love you all my sisters….

Well, taraaa….. 2 hours with a story about Marvella, just like a tap water flowing from an opened one, lol… I said to her…. sorry, everything about her [Marvella], I could remember in detail….nothing loss from my mind.

And, thanks to mba zakiya, at least, she helps me speak up about T18 babies in Indonesia, about one of genetic rare [not absolutely rare; yet complicated…] disorder, and hopefully many Indonesian researchers want to know more, many babies are more well treated, and many families are happier….

And I, myself, will never stop to do my project, raising awareness of Trisomy 18 in Indonesia.

So, thanks again…to everybody who ask me about Marvella.. If you need the book, just contact me…

And above all, thanks to the Earth and Heaven… thanks to the universe…



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