Jakarta, Eijkman, an Emotional Journey


I decided to participate a workshop about a plant genome editing in Bogor, 11 -13 Oct 2016. Well, I am a learner, not excluded for something relates to my work. Well, to be honest, its not easy for me [well, perhaps only few percent I understood hahaaa…], but okay, i need it..

so, when the mountain calls, i m going…

Amazingly, among all lecture I had, one really touched my heart… visiting Eijkman Institute, Jakarta. Well, you can go through its official website http://www.eijkman.go.id/about/, and here I copied from its page:

Eijkman Institute is a renewed, non-profit, government funded research institute conducting basic research in medical molecular biology and biotechnology. The institute is located at the heart of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.
The institute has a main mission of advancing the progress of basic and applied research related to molecular biology in Indonesia, with focuses in biomedicine, biodiversity, biotechnology and biosecurity, as well as translating the findings of the research for the benefits of Indonesian community.
The institute was named after Christiaan Eijkman, a nobel-laureate, Dutch-born scientist whose works in beri-beri at this institute in late 19th century leads to the discovery of the first vitamin.

Well, at least you know now what kind of institute it is. Besides its historical, authentic Dutch building, it has very important trace in my life. Well, among many research and labs it has, one made me stop breathing for seconds. Cytogenetic laboratory, a lab which serve a diagnosis in chromosomal disorder.

Yes, Marvella.

Yup, my angel, my trisomy 18 baby, you know, she is always be with me. Everywhere, everytime. She is watching me from heaven, but forever she is in my heart. You wanna know her a bit more? Just click

I am really enthusiastic in following the presentation there and asking something relates to T18 research. Well, this journey was successful to bring me to the moment 2 years ago. Yes, it was… 2 years, but still… seems it was yesterday. Fresh… in whatever detail, anything about her.

And, I do enjoyed my trip there in my silent, enjoyed meeting myself with Marvella, just through passing the door of a laboratory where some blood samples of Indonesian T18 babies were checked. Yes, i stopped in front of it for a while. Kissing my baby in my mind. Talking with her in my heart. Cudling her in my imagination…

Just imagine, if I could see the person who checked Marvella blood sample…the person who saw her caryotiping figure for the first time…. I just would like to thank… [although inside my heart wanted to know what she/he felt whenever found a baby with T18 caryotipe?… hehe..]

Omg, i miss her too much? How much? Not really so much, but too much….

And thankfully, because of my question in Eijkman visit session, made 3 of my mentors in that workshop ask me to send Marvella’s book… Wow, I am sooo happy to know more people wanna read Marvella’s story. I miss her too much and by that way I can tell everybody how I miss her badly, how I love her finally…….. yes, finally… [do you know what I mean?]

Thank you, Mr. Eijkman… Thank you Eijkman Institute…

Ayah Febri Simpt 20151128_213619_600x600

if my tears come out from eyes now, it is not because of my grieve…it truly because of a missing heart… an endlessly missing heart…….


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